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Friday, March 19, 2004

Quality If Time Permits?

While reading the book "Peopleware : Productive Projects and Teams" everything seemed so familiar that I wanted to write a little review about why all the IT managers should read this book. Then again, Joel had done that already so let me not reinvent the wheel. One thing just struck me was this paragraph from the book

Managers jeopardize product quality by setting unreachable deadlines. They don’t think about their action in such terms; they think rather that what they’re doing is throwing down an interesting challenge to their workers, something to help them strive for excellence.

Experienced (jaded) workers know otherwise. They know that under the gun, their efforts will be over constrained. There will be no freedom to trade off resources to make on-time delivery possible. They won’t have the option of more people or reduced function. The only thing to give on will be quality. Workers kept under extreme time pressure will begin to scarifies quality. They will push problems under the rug to be dealt with later or foisted onto the product’s end user. They will deliver products that are unstable and not really complete. They will hate what they are doing, but what other choice do they have?

(from Peopleware, Chapter 4 – Quality If Time Permits, Page 20)

if (Sounds_Familiar):
      if (isManager):
            Buy the book
            Read it
            Make your product and work place better
            Buy the book
            Read it
            Give it to your manager to read it

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