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Saturday, May 01, 2004

Invest in your knowledge portfolio

Every individual with a successful career will say that one of the reasons for their success is continuous learning. “Code Complete” by Steve McConnell states that you should read a new book every quarter. Pragmatics Programmer says, among other things, to learn a new language every year preferably from different a discipline (functional, text processing, list processing, Object Oriented). Here is a very interesting weblog I found titled “Career Calculus” where Eric has come up with an equation

C = G + LT where

C = Cluefulness
G = Gifting (g factor)
L = Learning
T = Time

Where everything else can’t be controlled, in that equation the only factor which can be controlled is learning which in turn will increase your Cluefulness. The key is not just learning, but continuous learning.

If you are wondering what is “g factor” (G in the equation) and why it can’t be controlled, check this weblog by ESR. However the weblog doesn’t really talk about Learning, but it does give you a good perceptive on the “g factor”. After reading it, if you are thinking, why can’t we apply ESR thoughts to solve our country’s ethnic (Sri Lanka) problem, then you are thinking what I was thinking when I read it. But then again it’s too late I guess.

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