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Monday, June 28, 2004

Movie Making Vs Software Development !

Andy has made a post titled “CMM and Repeatable Process” and challenged the advocates of repeatable software process whether they can create define repeatable processes for creating a hit movie, as they have done for developing software.

So given that they're very similar activities, I challenge advocates of repeatable software process to show me a process that will work for hit movies as well.

It is true that both activities need creativity and lot of team work, etc… However I see one difference (there can be many) which makes both quite different. When it comes to software project, the user requirements can be captured, or there are various techniques like prototyping to capture user requirements. However for a movie the people who watch it are the users, and in my opinion there is no way to capture their requirements. It’s more like gambling trying to guess what the viewers like to see on the screen.

In software development even if all the requirements are not captured, in the next release, those can be accommodated, but movie just has one cycle to get it right.

May be movie making process can be compared to a Software product development. However, the processes will then again, can only make sure that the captured requirements are delivered in the final product. However, again these processes can’t make sure that you understand requirements for the target users. They can only help you to capture them.

Thus I vehemently believe that one cannot compare the process of moviemaking to that of software production. It would be a bit unfair to challenge someone to come up with a process that will ensure box office hit movies because they can’t be compared on the same grounds. Software development is not a gamble as long as u do things right, but movie making is because you never know whether you are satisfying viewer requirements because in the first place you never got the requirements from them.

posted by 88Pro / Monday, June 28, 2004

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