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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Our first Tin fish dry curry

"I don't even butter my bread; I consider that cooking"
Author: Katherine Cebrian

Finally the day arrived where my apartment mate and I decided to try our hands out in cooking rather than being the helping hands in washing and scrubbing of pots and pans. We tried out a recipe for tin fish dry (without gravy) curry {ok ok, we got to start somewhere :-)}, furnished by one of our colleagues and I wish to share it with you:

Things needed are: some Onions, Green Chili, and Chili Powder (optional), Salt, Garlic and frying oil.


* Cut the onions, garlic and green chilies in to small pieces
* Heat up the pan, pour some oil
* After a minute or so put the onion and chilies to fry for about 3 minutes, till you get the flavor
* Take out the water in the tin fish and throw it away
* Put the tin fish in the pan and fry with the other stuff
* Add needed salt
* Fish curry ready to eat! in 10 minutes

Both of us tried it and we are happy to announce mission was successful and it went well with bread and margarine.

Our next mission is Dahl curry!!! Recipes are welcome.

posted by 88Pro / Wednesday, June 16, 2004

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