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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Sun – There is hope?

I was starting to worry more and more that Sun might eventually go out of business, since nothing was going right for them for sometime now. They are loosing market share on the server market, they are not getting their act together on the Java Tools side, they seems to be messing up and making the J2EE more and more complex as the versions goes up, and entire world seems to shout that J2EE is more complex than it should be.

How to blow a billion - or two

But today I was happy to read they are returning to profitability. It’s not much but it's hope. Most of the big players like IBM and Apple were having cash flow problems and now they have repositioned themselves. Sun missed the Linux buss, ok that’s understandable, how can they afford to miss the Java buss? Sun primarily being a research company, I am sure they can find their way out with something really cool. I am waiting to see whether they are going to build their own buss and make sure they get in or they are going to catch another buss, like IBM did with Linux and Java? Let’s wait and see.

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