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Friday, September 24, 2004

Sun & Blog = Smart Move

Sun has hired Dave Johnson and going full throttle on blogging. Already there are many companies encouraging blogging including Microsoft, Yahoo, and Google. Jonathan being the one of the top executives’ blogging at Sun, he claims it makes a very good medium to get their message across to parties that matter, specially when the marketing budget is very limited. What struck me was how much truth in that claim. After I started following the feeds from Sun blogging community, I am really thrilled. I had lot of misconception about Sun missing the Linux buss which went away after reading this blog entry. Even if Sun had a marketing budget of Microsoft in my opinion I don’t think it will be as effective as these blogs to get their thoughts across. I think I am clearer about Sun’s future and know better about where they are headed than pre blogging era. If not for these blogs I would have believed the rants on the media about “Sun trying to kill Linux”, “How Sun screwed OpenOffice” and “They have something under the sleeves about making Solaris open source”. But folks at Sun just through their blogs have shown the world that all these claims are not true and how committed they are to OpenOffice and they are really going to make Solaris Open Source. They are a really good company which has the resource and will to innovate and I have more hope in Sun than I ever had before.

On a different note, even though I know jack about Solaris I am really excited about Solaris 10 release. x86 and SPARC version will be released at the same time, because both are compiled from the same source. Did you know all your Linux applications will run natively on Solaris 10? Being the brain behind all these momentum Jonathan deserves his salary raise :-)

Sun also said that if something runs faster in Linux than it does on Solaris x86, they will treat it as a bug in Solaris and fix it. {TheServerSide.com}

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