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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Solaris Vs Linux

This is getting pretty interesting and exciting to see the events unfold every day. Everyone one knows what happened to SCO when it tried to mess with Linux so Sun doesn’t want to go on the same path. Instead of waging a WAR against Linux they are going after Redhat the largest Linux distributor. In the process they are making sure they set the records straight, Redhat != Linux. Here is a quote from McNealy

"We love Linux," said McNealy at last week's meeting of the Massachusetts Telecommunications Council in Newton. "We just don't love Red Hat." [extracted from linuxinsider.com].

Here is a sneek preview of missiles being fired across.

Round 1
Analysts on OpenSolaris by Sun kernel developer Eric Schrock

A rebuttal of a single Sun misinformed developer by Linux Kernel developer Kroah-Hartman

Round 2
Rebutting a rebuttal by Sun kernel developer Eric Schrock

A continued discussion with a Sun developer, round 2 by Linux Kernel developer Kroah-Hartman

posted by 88Pro / Thursday, October 07, 2004

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