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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Let the Feeds come in

I use FeedReader to subscribe to RSS and Atom feeds. I like it because it’s light and simple. Recently I had trouble with import/export functionality though and I had to resort to Python for extracting the URL from the export file. I thought I would post the links to the feeds here for archiving purposes. If you have any interesting feeds please share them with me.

Feed here have are not listed in any particular order.

Pragmatic Automation
Blog Maverick
CEO Bloggers Club
TheServerSide.com: Your Enterprise Java Community
/\ndy's Weblog
The Fishbowl
Artima Articles
Artima Weblogs
The Mountain of Worthless Information
Martin Fowler s Bliki
The Tao of Mac
Five Things I Don't Really Understand
SYS-CON: JDJ Industry News
java.net Articles
java.net Weblogs
Linux Magazine
Linux Journal - The Original Magazine of the Linux Community
.: Manageability :.
O'Reilly Network Weblogs
O'Reilly Network ONJava.com
Erik's Weblog
Andrej Koelewijn
Oracle Technology Network
Oracle Technology Network
Oracle Technology Network: Technical Articles for DBAs and Sysadmins
Jonas Jacobi s ADF UIX & JavaServer Faces blog
Buggin' My Life Away
Cracking & Reverse engineering
Astalavista.com Directory
Sun Bloggers
Jonathan Schwartz's Weblog
Delphi Compiler Core
Delphi Win32
The Oracle at Delphi
Nick's Delphi Blog
My Secret Life As A Former Prostitute
Thoughtus Confoundus
Joel on Software
Google Weblog
Calvin and Blogs
O'Reilly Weblogs
Digital Photography Blog
In Relation To...
Planet TW

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