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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Sun Vs HP

HP's Linux Vice-President Martin Fink has posted a blog at LinuxCIO.com titled “Solaris is from Venus, Linux is from Mars”. Everyone knows Sun has waged war against HP and RedHat, and keeping that in mind, you know what to expect from HP Vice-President for Linux in his blog. He has raised many questions about Sun’s strategy to Open Source Solaris.

Fortunately Sun’s cooperate blog has been its major strength when it comes to refuting FUD created by competitors. Here is the rebuttal by Alan Hargreave which clears most of the misconceptions Fink is trying to spread. Here is a post by a non-Sun employee who was deeply pissed off by Fink’s utter stupidity, it’s really fun to read it. I couldn’t stop laughing when I read,

"The beauty of Linux is that the cost is shared by thousands of developers around the world."... Yup, we work for free at night while HP VPs sleep. And guess what we're not sharing the cost model. What is HP doing for us? You hassle us when we try to help out on HP-UX. You don't contribute any amount of code... seriously, SGI contributes huge amounts of code, and wtf is HP doing? Squat! Sun has been contributing code for years, plus they give us Solaris for free via a download, and they have for years. Plus I can even get a 30 day copy of their development tools for free evaluation and no hassle. So, I ask again, wtf is HP doing for us? As usual, HP is all bitch bitch moan moan. The only useful contribution HP has made to the open source community is building kick ass cheap printers that get sold on Ebay for $100 and run for over a year on a single toner. LaserJets rule [source link]

One a different note, this is the online museum of Google’s holiday logos and the guy who is behind most of this creative logos.

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