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Monday, November 22, 2004

T42p PCMark04 Benchmark

I ran PCMark04 benchmark on my IBM T42p notebook, so here are the results.

PCMark: 3261 PCMarks
CPU: 3237.0
Memory: 2293.0
Graphics: 1988.0
HDD: 3546.0

Since most of the review sites run the benchmark on a brand new machine without any additional software installed, I tried to simulate that by closing all the applications on my taskbar including virus scanning and firewall. Here are the results once I shutdown most of my application.

PCMark: 3586 PCMarks
CPU: 3494.0
Memory: 2530.0
Graphics: 1993.0
HDD: 3374.0

The Harddisk score has gone down from the previous run, may be becuase I shut down the Active Protection System, will post new results after another round.

I chose PCMark04 because its measures the application performance which is what I will be using my laptop 99% of the time. I am pretty happy with the results because one of my friend also ran the bench mark on a AthlonXP 3000+ desktop with 768 MB RAM, 100 GB SATA Harddisk with 8 MB Cache and here are the results.

PCMark: 3154
CPU: 3374
Memory: 2201
Graphics: 1292
HDD: 4597

Did you notice IBM T42p beats a high end desktop hands down? Moreover did you also notice Pentium M 1.8 Centrino takes down an AthlonXP 3000+ in the CPU performance test? However SATA with 8MB Cache Rules :-)

I know some people who are using HP nc6000 notebooks. This review shows that nc6000 has a PCMark 2004 score of 3170.

HPs nw8000, which is in the mainstream(above 6 pounds) notebook category, (T42p is in the Thin and Light Category), has a PCMark04 score of 3776, however if you do a performace/Doller analysis still I have a upper hand considering I spent only 2500 USD on the my T42p.

nw8000 = 3776/2920 = 1.30
T42p = 3586/2500 = 1.43

Me happy and satisfied with how my laptop performed in the benchmark, getting back to work now :-). If you have a laptop or a high end desktop please post your PCMark scores in the comments section.

posted by 88Pro / Monday, November 22, 2004

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