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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Make Love Not Spam

If you hated all those spam mails you were getting all these days, here is the chance for you to contribute to anti-spam war. The cleaver thing is they have made it as a screen server, which will only run when the computer is idle and use few bytes of bandwidth to launch a DoS attack on the known spam URLs.

Download and Install now!

Update: Make Love Not Spam site hacked. It has also brought down two spam sites in China

On a different note here is a very touching story about a K9 which saved its partner's life.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Four Interesting Posts

1) If you were always wondering what’s the difference between, Going Out, On a Date, and Hanging Out, here gumz comes for rescue.

2) Is your Faith on the Desktop?

3) We all have faced Tech Interviews like what Mr.Ed has suggested from some hi-fi companies in Sri Lanka. My take on it, don't put sociopathic personalities in the panel please.

4) Kids and Education, but this is in Singapore though. But think about it, in Sri Lanka too, grade four kids go to tuition because of scholarship exams.

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Monday, November 22, 2004

T42p PCMark04 Benchmark

I ran PCMark04 benchmark on my IBM T42p notebook, so here are the results.

PCMark: 3261 PCMarks
CPU: 3237.0
Memory: 2293.0
Graphics: 1988.0
HDD: 3546.0

Since most of the review sites run the benchmark on a brand new machine without any additional software installed, I tried to simulate that by closing all the applications on my taskbar including virus scanning and firewall. Here are the results once I shutdown most of my application.

PCMark: 3586 PCMarks
CPU: 3494.0
Memory: 2530.0
Graphics: 1993.0
HDD: 3374.0

The Harddisk score has gone down from the previous run, may be becuase I shut down the Active Protection System, will post new results after another round.

I chose PCMark04 because its measures the application performance which is what I will be using my laptop 99% of the time. I am pretty happy with the results because one of my friend also ran the bench mark on a AthlonXP 3000+ desktop with 768 MB RAM, 100 GB SATA Harddisk with 8 MB Cache and here are the results.

PCMark: 3154
CPU: 3374
Memory: 2201
Graphics: 1292
HDD: 4597

Did you notice IBM T42p beats a high end desktop hands down? Moreover did you also notice Pentium M 1.8 Centrino takes down an AthlonXP 3000+ in the CPU performance test? However SATA with 8MB Cache Rules :-)

I know some people who are using HP nc6000 notebooks. This review shows that nc6000 has a PCMark 2004 score of 3170.

HPs nw8000, which is in the mainstream(above 6 pounds) notebook category, (T42p is in the Thin and Light Category), has a PCMark04 score of 3776, however if you do a performace/Doller analysis still I have a upper hand considering I spent only 2500 USD on the my T42p.

nw8000 = 3776/2920 = 1.30
T42p = 3586/2500 = 1.43

Me happy and satisfied with how my laptop performed in the benchmark, getting back to work now :-). If you have a laptop or a high end desktop please post your PCMark scores in the comments section.

posted by 88Pro / Monday, November 22, 2004

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Sun Vs HP

HP's Linux Vice-President Martin Fink has posted a blog at LinuxCIO.com titled “Solaris is from Venus, Linux is from Mars”. Everyone knows Sun has waged war against HP and RedHat, and keeping that in mind, you know what to expect from HP Vice-President for Linux in his blog. He has raised many questions about Sun’s strategy to Open Source Solaris.

Fortunately Sun’s cooperate blog has been its major strength when it comes to refuting FUD created by competitors. Here is the rebuttal by Alan Hargreave which clears most of the misconceptions Fink is trying to spread. Here is a post by a non-Sun employee who was deeply pissed off by Fink’s utter stupidity, it’s really fun to read it. I couldn’t stop laughing when I read,

"The beauty of Linux is that the cost is shared by thousands of developers around the world."... Yup, we work for free at night while HP VPs sleep. And guess what we're not sharing the cost model. What is HP doing for us? You hassle us when we try to help out on HP-UX. You don't contribute any amount of code... seriously, SGI contributes huge amounts of code, and wtf is HP doing? Squat! Sun has been contributing code for years, plus they give us Solaris for free via a download, and they have for years. Plus I can even get a 30 day copy of their development tools for free evaluation and no hassle. So, I ask again, wtf is HP doing for us? As usual, HP is all bitch bitch moan moan. The only useful contribution HP has made to the open source community is building kick ass cheap printers that get sold on Ebay for $100 and run for over a year on a single toner. LaserJets rule [source link]

One a different note, this is the online museum of Google’s holiday logos and the guy who is behind most of this creative logos.

posted by 88Pro / Thursday, November 18, 2004

Friday, November 12, 2004

downright moron

Check this quote out: downright moron

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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Firefox optimised for your processor

What you may already know is that today FireFox 1.0 has been released. However, did you know there are third party developers who release FireFox optimized for the processor and the instruction set of your machine? Check this out.

Moox on Slashdot.

posted by 88Pro / Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Some Interesting Tit Bits

Intel Pentium M Centrino

I always knew Centrino is an equivalent processor to Pentium 4s but what I didn't know is it almost performs as fast as a Pentium 4, 3.2 GHz. This post made me look around for performance bench marks between Pentium 4s and Centrinos. Here are some interesting links I found on Centrino Technology. I remember edg showing me the first link some time back though, shame I didn’t take the time to read it then.

This article "Intel's Centrino CPU (Pentium-M): Revolutionizing the Mobile World" by AnandTech.com gives an insight into architecture of Pentium M.

Dothan is the second generation Pentium M processor and this article "Intel's 90nm Pentium M 755: Dothan Investigated" is a good place to start.

Pentium M Review: for some more bench marks.

If you are going to buy a laptop, now you know what to look for. By the way, did I tell you I am a proud owner of an IBM T42p with a Pentium M Dothan 1.8 GHz processor?

US Election

"How can 59,054,087 people be so DUMB?"

Here's how. (Source of this Information)

Colas and Pests

In India when Pepsi and Coke are recovering from the initial attacks of a claim their products contains levels of pesticide residues far exceeded the maximum residue limit for pesticides in water used as 'food,' set down by the European Economic Commission there are new claims that Indian Farmers are using Colas to tackle pests. Now we know what’s the secret behind the productivity of American farmers, don’t we? :-)

posted by 88Pro / Saturday, November 06, 2004

Let the Feeds come in

I use FeedReader to subscribe to RSS and Atom feeds. I like it because it’s light and simple. Recently I had trouble with import/export functionality though and I had to resort to Python for extracting the URL from the export file. I thought I would post the links to the feeds here for archiving purposes. If you have any interesting feeds please share them with me.

Feed here have are not listed in any particular order.

Pragmatic Automation
Blog Maverick
CEO Bloggers Club
TheServerSide.com: Your Enterprise Java Community
/\ndy's Weblog
The Fishbowl
Artima Articles
Artima Weblogs
The Mountain of Worthless Information
Martin Fowler s Bliki
The Tao of Mac
Five Things I Don't Really Understand
SYS-CON: JDJ Industry News
java.net Articles
java.net Weblogs
Linux Magazine
Linux Journal - The Original Magazine of the Linux Community
.: Manageability :.
O'Reilly Network Weblogs
O'Reilly Network ONJava.com
Erik's Weblog
Andrej Koelewijn
Oracle Technology Network
Oracle Technology Network
Oracle Technology Network: Technical Articles for DBAs and Sysadmins
Jonas Jacobi s ADF UIX & JavaServer Faces blog
Buggin' My Life Away
Cracking & Reverse engineering
Astalavista.com Directory
Sun Bloggers
Jonathan Schwartz's Weblog
Delphi Compiler Core
Delphi Win32
The Oracle at Delphi
Nick's Delphi Blog
My Secret Life As A Former Prostitute
Thoughtus Confoundus
Joel on Software
Google Weblog
Calvin and Blogs
O'Reilly Weblogs
Digital Photography Blog
In Relation To...
Planet TW

posted by 88Pro / Saturday, November 06, 2004

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