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Monday, March 21, 2005

Little tour around Samoa

Junior, one of the directors at BlueSky, took us out on a small tour around the west side of the island. He has been very helpful as far as work is concerned, and helping us understand Samoan traditions. Junior, among many things, is man with lot of respect in the community, a person who can make things happen, a talking chief, a veteran telecom switch engineer and a person with sense of humor who can make people around feel at home. Here are some pictures I captured when during our small tour.

The Aiga (pronounced Ainga) bus is the main public transport available in American Samoa and most of these buses are owned by private owners. These are trucks/4WDs converted into buses by local people and most of them have a full blown stereo system onboard. When you reach your stop, simply knock on the window to signal the driver to stop.

Now if you ask me why I would love to live in Samoa, here is a picture that can answer your question. Everywhere its greenery and it is maintained as it should be. I am sure some of you are going to drool over this picture :-)

This is something new to me, a generator powered by a gas cylinder. Since this cell site is on top the mountain where electricity is not available, a gas cylinder powered Generator has been deployed to power the cell station.

Junior organized a Kava ceremony for us so that we could experience some local traditions. Kava is a local drink which is squeezed out of a Kava plant root and then filtered. Samoans are very proud of their local traditions and they strive hard to protect it. We were offered a local food which is made out of Taro root, coconut milk and some sugar. Thanks to Junior for organizing this event for us, we really appreciate it.

You know what this is. Found an interesting shot and then photoshopped the outcome.

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