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Friday, March 11, 2005

Trip to American Samoa

It was all last minute. Got the Australian Transit Visa at 4 PM and then I knew that I was going to leave less than 24 hours later. It’s the longest trip I have ever had!

A Phone Booth from Australian Airport

The trip spanned Colombo, Singapore, Sydney, Tonga, Apia (Western Samoa), and finally American Samoa. The total hrs traveled was 44 hrs with 4 transits. The Australian Quarantine Officer was very helpful. One of the Onion Fry bottles I had taken from Sri Lanka had opened inside the bag and the oil was all over. He helped me to clean up the stuff, gave me a new bag to wrap my stuff in. I was honestly surprised since I have never experienced such hospitality from a quarantine officer before!

Bill Board in Australia, captured while on our way to hotel to catch some sleep.

On the Sydney to Apia (Western Samoa) flight, my friend pointed out to me how beautiful one of the airhostess was, and suggested we take a picture of her. Since there was no way I could click a picture in that light condition without a flash, I thought I might as well ask her. We eventually found out that she was Miss. Tonga (another pacific island)!

One in the left is Miss. Tonga

When we reached Western Samoa, I was a dead man…I was too sleepy, and I slept on the floor. However, the morning flight from Western Samoa to American Samoa turned out to be a beautiful site seeing trip. We flew on a 16 seat tiny air plane and the altitude was so low we could see everything…all the beaches, mountains, water falls…the list is endless.

The tiny air plane

When we reached American Samoa, we were picked up by Arlene. Once we settled down for breakfast with her, it was all a blast. It was nice to have so many laughs and I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation more than the food. Back at home when my colleague mentioned that Samoa is better than FSM in hospitality and friendliness, I refused to believe it. However, now I am beginning to believe it! The long and tiring trip is turning out to be totally worth it!

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