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Friday, May 13, 2005

My final days in Samoa

A couple of days back we were invited for dinner and in addition to the food, we were also able to feast on some local cultural events as well. I have captured video clips of local dance, using my still camera, and have converted to WMV format for better compression.

Samoan Dance Video Clip(1.45MB file)

Still Picture of Samoan Dance. This should give a pretty good idea about the cultural dress of Samoans. Even the school uniform here is a cloth like the guys are wearing in this picture.

Aiga buss stop

Camel Rock, Look at it.

Junior, the man behind my successful project implementation here in Samoa. He is one of those people who has looked into making sure all of our needs, whether they be professional or social, are met while we are in Samoa. I have accumulated lot of memories I am going to carry back home. My recollections of Somoa will never be complete without Junior. Thank you Junior.

Turtle building

Here is the surprise, Sri Lankan flag in the pacific! The owner who runs this place didn’t know which country this flag belonged to. An oil ship captain had hung the flag over there in 1992 and they had forgotten to record the country it belonged to back then. He says that there have been many debates as to what that flag symbolizes and where it comes from. He was happy that the mystery has been finally solved!

Local Architecture

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