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Thursday, July 07, 2005


Most of you must be wondering why I have not been updating this blog frequently, however as mush as I would like to, free time has become a luxury. We went for a multi-language implementation (i18n), of our product and were facing a funny problem and pressure from customer was increasing.

A value (Folder name in Chinese) is being passed from the back end database to WAP browser and when the user clicks on the value its being passed back to the application layer and compared against the one which is being retrieved from database. The result NO MATCH. WTF??? It was retrieved from the DB, sent to the front it, passed back and compared with the value in the DB again and a no match?!!!

I tried everything by the book, made the char set UTF-8, used the URLEncoder, got the bytes of the string and created a new string with UTF-8 encoding, specified the WAP header as UTF-8, whatever you did, the value displayed and the value passed back to Struts Action class are two different strings.

After trying every possibility to figure out the root cause, still not being able to locate, I solved the problem with a dirty little trick. Looked at the watch, 6 AM in the morning. You got to appreciate when you are under pressure and “can’t” and “no” are not possible answers you can give, you mind comes with cleaver tricks to solve the problem, if you think hard enough that is.

If you have any suggestion, please share with me to solve this i18n issue.

On a different note, we went on a company trip to Kandy. It was fun, I enjoyed every bit of it and was feeling good to have a relaxed weekend. We visited Pinnawalle, the elephant orphanage and that mean you get to see a picture.

I manage to read halfway through “ThinkPad, A Different Shade of Blue” and the making of ThinkPad history is amazing. One part of the history talks about why the colour black was chosen for ThinkPad when everyone was making computer equipment in pearl white. Pearl white was the color of choice for desktops because they want to them to blend in with the other office equipments. However, when they made ThinkPad, they wanted it to stand out and have a personality, what was the colour of choice, Black.

I hear next wave of ThinkPads will have a two tone colour and that will be a major departure from an IBM legacy and the first big change under the Levono administration.

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