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Monday, July 25, 2005

War of the Techs

Google Vs Microsoft

The cold war between these two companies is no secret to anyone and has been building up momentum for a while now. The article titled “Gates Vs Google” puts the whole drama into perspective, and gives an idea of how fierce and bitter the competition has evolved into. The recent switch of Microsoft’s Interactive Services Division Corporate Vice President Kai Fu-Lee to Google has taken the battle to higher portals in recent times.

Microsoft sues over Google hire
Google retaliates to Microsoft's non-compete suit

Sun Vs HP

The battle was triggered by Sun’s COO, Jonathan through his entries like this one. In return HP’s Linux Vice-President, Martin Fink played the key role on HP’s behalf but couldn’t sustain for long. To follow were the famous open letters by HP and a letter in response by Sun, stating Sun affirmatively stands by their claims regarding HP/UX.

The heat had subsided for a while and things seemed pretty calm. However before too long there are clear signs of the battle erupting once again and this time with HP’s announcement of the laying off 14,000 employees including a significant cut of R & D personnel. Sun has been quick to respond by giving an open invitation , “We are hiring!”.

AMD Vs Intel

This battle gained momentum when AMD publicly accused Intel of unethical business practices and filed a law suit case against Intel. As customary, Intel is dening the accusations but what kindles my curiosity most is why Dell vehemently resists to go with AMD, probably the implications are best left unsaid!

AMD files antitrust charges vs. Intel
AMD vs Intel spills over into Japan

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