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Saturday, September 24, 2005

iPod nano: Some interesting writeups I enjoyed on the web

The iPod nano is a sham. They haven't made the iPod smaller; they've made Steve Jobs much, much larger.[Source]

This “stress-test” consisted of sitting on it, dropping it from normal heights several times, throwing it from a moving car at various speeds, throwing it extremely high in the air and letting it land on the pavement, and ultimately running over it with the car. The important thing to consider, here, is that each of these tests were done on the same Nano. [Source]

Apple Computer says its iPod music player and iTunes Music Store have 74 percent and 85 percent of their worldwide markets, respectively. But according to Gene Munster, a Piper Jaffray analyst, the end is near.
"Nobody can sustain an 80 percent market share in a consumer electronics business for more than two or three years," Munster told CNN. "It's pretty much impossible." Well, he's right about one thing: Apple's market share won't stay at 80 percent. It's about to go up. [Source]

I thought that Microsoft should issue all of its employees a Nano and then have them report back a week later on why they can't make a product like that. Microsoft has the funds, the smarts, but the creativity is burdened by the weight of their monopoly. That's never been more evident than with the Nano. You go MS with another bloated Word feature, while the world embraces the modernism, the simplicity, form and function of the Nano. Even a post a day from Scoble can't get the sales figures up on Tablet PCs. And tell me again that design doesn't matter. 75% market share based on best-in-class design proves that claim wrong.[Source]

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