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Friday, February 03, 2006


In a technology company, specially a software development outfit,

1. Company has a free lunch policy for all it's employees.
2. The executives gets to eat buffet from five star menu.
3. Developers/Engineers are served with pretty much normal food from some unknown caterers.

Is it fair? I am sure all of you will answer that it isn't fair.

1. Company decides get medical insurance policy for all the staff members.
2. The executives get more financial coverage.
3. The Developers/Engineers are covered less, a lesser coverage than executives.

Is it fair? Are the juniors less prone to illness? I am not sure about the answer either. If you have an opinion share it here.

Let me end it with an extract from Joel's compensation Article,

“Benefits are given equally to all full-time employees. (We may end up with categories like intern and temp with more limited benefits). Some employees may get more "value" out of their benefits than others (e.g., if they use the health clubs).” [Source]

posted by 88Pro / Friday, February 03, 2006

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