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Saturday, July 08, 2006

From My Scrap Book

Smack Book Pro

As you know, Mac laptops now come with a motion sensor to detect a fall and park the hard disk. ThinkPads too have this motion sensor for some time now. However the API for accessing the motion sensor in a Mac is Open so people are writing all kind of motion aware application for Mac. Below is a link to a clip where a Multiple Desktop Manager has been linked to the motion sensor and by tapping at the edge of the screen you can switch from one desktop to another.

Check this Clip Out

Polymorphism (Technology) Explained

If you ever had any problem understanding Polymorphism, after reading the below link, the concept should just sink in your head.

Unserstanding Polymorphism

Nearly All Binary Searches and Merge sorts are Broken!!!

Joshua Bloch, X Sun Engineer who played a major role in shaping Java’s API library and now working for Google, makes a shocking revelation that the Binary Searches and Merge Sorts have been broken for past half a century. Is there any hope, we will ever reach a stage of writing bug free code, if we can’t even get the Binary Search right? Check out the link below.
All Binary Searches Are Broken

posted by 88Pro / Saturday, July 08, 2006

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