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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Super.fi 3 Ear Phones

I got myself a Super.fi 3 in-ear phone (review). I have not used any high end ear phones before, so I can't compare this against anything else high end. However I already own a Sony in-ear phone and the ear phones which comes with Apple iPod. Compared to those two Suprt.fi 3 is definite winner. It sounds great. I can listen to some ranges I have not exprerienced before. Music is clear and it does justise for the iPod. The cord which comes with the ear phone is bit short as mentioned in the CNET review though. The trick is get the right fit and you have to experiment with different silicon tips and once you secure a perfact fit, then music sounds is great. However as noted in some reviews the base is not all that great though, however I should listen to some base centric music before I come to my own conclusion on that.

posted by 88Pro / Saturday, October 07, 2006

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