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Saturday, September 30, 2006

First Report from US

First week in the USA ended up as a endurance test for my Thinkpad. One of my college dropped and screen got busted. However I am very pleased with IBM Support. Just one call to them, they picked up the laptop, fixed it and returned in few days. Now I am backon line. I think while I am here I should also upgrade the memory to 2GB, so that I could run VMWare without being majorly slow.

Since Apple released a new line of iPod's I thought without waiting for that true video iPod forever, I would buy a lower capacity Nano for myself, since now I also own a iPod Hifi, it was time I got myself an iPod. However with the Nano, I also went and bought a 99$ iPod case, which now sounds like a stupid decision. Having a 100$ case for a 149$ iPod? :-)

iPod really lives up to it's expectation. I have figured out how to transfer all my phone book contacts to iPod so that I don't need to carry my laptop where ever I need access to my contacts. However today I switched to my Sony 'in ear' ear phones and they do sound better with better base than the iPod stand ear phones. However I remember reading on the web that sub 40$ ear phones sometimes boost the base artificially so that people don't recognize the quality of the rest of the frequency range. I thought I will go that extra mile now and get myself a quality head phones and ordered a "Ultimate Ears Super.fi 3 Studio Earphones (Black)" on Amazon. Will update this blog if super.fi 3 one does a better job than Apple's own.

Looks like Nikon D80 with 18-133MM lens wont ship till end of October so till then I have time to think about do I really need this Camera. I was almost convinced that I might not go for this camera but just yesterday when I heard one of my friend has shot some great pictures with his Nikon D50, now I want one of those. So now I am leaning towards buying the D80.

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