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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Cool GPS Gadget for Digital Camera

Sony GPS-CS1 GPS, seems to be very cool gadget to have if you want the GPS locations for the pictures you take. Not sure whether it would work on a Nikon though.
posted by 88Pro / Sunday, December 24, 2006

Power Cuts and IM Evolution

Power cuts at night have happened two nights in a row where I live. Today was worse since I think it started at mid night and went on till now, and that’s 3:30 AM, and during that time the mosquitoes go crazy and I hate that “neeeeeeeeee” sound in my ear and lost sleep.

Thanks to the USB ADSL modem, I was able to get connected to the net (without power), but came across no one online to keep company.

Strangely enough I also realized how my online IM habits have changed over time. There was a time I would be always on ICQ, and the moment the green flower turns red I would no longer feel like getting any work done on my machine, and if I am at office I could see everyone else too getting off their chairs to complain about ICQ not online.

Then it was MSN primarily, however the crazy days of searching for people online and talking to unknown people were gone. Now recently I see myself not getting online on MSN or Yahoo. I am on Skype though, but that’s because our office primary communication happens over Skype.

There is also another common pattern. Through out my IM history there was one person at any given time, who was going through some hardship, and I would be there talking to them, and keeping company, hoping it would help in some ways to reduce their burden. Four of these changed to really close friends, but over time when they manage to stand up on their own two feet and get back into the world again, due to one reason or another, lost touch with three. One of my friend calls it “new dynamics”.

Ok there goes, in a nutshell my IM, evolution.

posted by 88Pro / Sunday, December 24, 2006

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Noble Collection

They have some cool stuff online.

Superman Returns™ Money Clip

The DaVinci Code™ Invisible Writer - I think you have to buy two or more of this so that you can communicate with someone else.

The DaVinci Code™ Cryptex Keychain

posted by 88Pro / Saturday, December 09, 2006

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