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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Think on your Feet

Let me break my online silence. It's been almost 5 months since I made my last post.

Today I went for a workshop at Moratuwa Uni, "Think on your feet". All in all it was good and I am sure the undergrads would have found it very useful.

About the Gavel Club, Moratuwa Uni

I was impressed with the students who spoke on behalf of the Gavel Club, at various occasions, for welcome address, introducing the speakers, etc... Their language was excellent, choice of words were good, and they conducted and carried themselves really well. In one word "Impressive". Well organized, and mostly on schedule. For me that was the high light of the whole workshop. You guys rock. Keep up and you will be successful.

About the Guest Speakers

The first presentation was by Dhanajaya, and I must say he is one of the best public speaker I have seen in action, not just in Sri Lanka. He does have an international appeal. His message was "build your character" and public speaking is just a by product. Was it a useful? That is a big question mark. Not just for public speaking, but even to be a successful leader, you need to have a character and charisma. The question I wanted to get answered was How to build a character? The statement, build a character is a broad one, and I am not sure someone right out of the Uni would know how to interpret that statement and probably implement it in their life. It was a good message, great delivery, but not sure how much useful the message was for the participants.

The second speaker was Mr.Saleem, who spoke about Break Through Thinking. He introduced the concepts of break through thinking briefly, and I was thinking to myself, when I go home, I will get the book and read it. It did sound like a really interesting thing to invest my time in. However at the end, when he mentioned that the book is not an easy read, it's full of real hard concepts and he trained himself under the guru's of break through thinking for 5 years, the big question marks entered my mind. So it boils down to, that it is an interesting concept, and probably will take lot of time to master, and if it took someone at his caliber 5 years, probably for someone like me just by reading a book, probably it might even take more. So my conclusion was its going to take couple of years before I understand this concept fully.

However the purpose expansion technique he described, sounded a useful one. It does seem to help people to figure out the root cause of the problem, to figure out what is it that is actually being solved, rather than coming up with solutions which will rather treat the symptoms of the problem than the root cause. Probably that's one thing I took home from Mr.Saleem. In a different note, would Break Through Thinking be a useful concept for an undergrad who is about to get into the industry, specially if it takes such a long time to master? I don't think I have the answer for that. So will let you be the judge.

Lunch was good :-)

The third speaker was Dev, he handled a good topic, "How to be a good public speaker" or was it "How to be successful in life"?. I enjoyed the little game he introduced. The areas he wanted us to demonstrate in that game were,

1. Team Work
2. Creativity
3. Attitude

Now the game he introduced, gave all the audience to be a part of a team, and be creative and show some attitude. However after the game, do I know, how to work as team better? How to be more creative? What sort of attitude change I should make? The answer is probably not. The game was fun, and probably I did enjoy trying to come up with all sort of possible crazy crime scenes :-), and if the purpose of the game was to illustrate that you needed team work and creativity and attitude to win that game, then yes the game achieved it's purpose. However if the purpose of the game was to show that to be successful in life you need the above three, then I am not sure, how effective the game was.

However, Dev message was good one (if you subtract the game from his speech).
1. Have a Goal
2. Have commitment
3. Practice

But still I am not sure, whether the topic was about public speaking or how to be successful in life :-)

Dan Gomes, what can I say. He is a great speaker, and he speaks about the leadership topic with a passion and he is a practitioner. Let me just say he is superb. His message was superb.

Final Thought

All in all, it was good, and since it was the first attempt, it must be appreciated. I went through the yahoo groups of Gavel club, and it shows how the team has worked hard to over come all the difficulties. Few observations, Dilini seems to be a person who can motivate people and get things done. Here is an example.

Mail from the president to Gavel Club Members. Do I agree with her P.S note, absolutely yes :-)

A step-by-step guide to charisma
How to be Successful


Dev's topic was "Communicate with Confidence", not sure why team work was even evaluated as part of the game, and how relevant it was for the topic, probably in all sort of indirect ways I guess team work could be linked to confidence.

posted by 88Pro / Saturday, August 18, 2007

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