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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Honda Hornet 250 - My New Bike

Disclaimer: I have no idea about bike world.

BUT, I have access to people who know hell of a lot about bikes. They own them, breath them, and live with them day in day out. So me being myself subcontracted the whole bike buying affair to one such friend of mine. My requirement, was simple to him, I want a good bike. Finally both of us decided on Honda Hornet 250 (2005 Model, 130 series).

Again, myself being myself, I started reading about Hornets on the internet and now I am beginning to fall in love with this machine.

Story Behind Hornet 250

This bike was launched in Japan in 1996 and it revolutionized the naked street bikes. It is fitted with CBR250FOUR engine. CBR 250 and Jade didn't do well in Japanese domestic market, so Honda used the same engine and remade Hornet with aggressive styling, and FAT 180 back tier striped from Fire-blade 900 (Yes, the 250 is fitted with a larger tier than the CBR 400 at the back) created a new appeal for this bike. Honda made Hornet only as a domestic model initially (Hornet 250 is still a domestic model). Whoever reviewed the bike from outside Japan, in 1996 - 1997 time frame, had one minus point about this bike, its not available outside Japan.

However few imported the bike to UK, and when people started loving it, for its handling, seating position, style (it has a nick name "Horny Hornet"), impressive performance, and excellent suspension, they wanted more. EVeryone wished for 600 cc and 900 cc version. No one thought Honda would make such a bike back in 1997. However Honda introduced the 600 cc in UK in 2001. Honda Hornet 250 is the Original Domentic Model, and it is still the domenstic model, and for outside world Honda makes the 600 and 900s.

It's best I link to an article printed in 1997 in a Magazine which I found on the web, which is rich in information. If you want to know more about Hornets here are the links to two pages.

These two pages were originally hosted at http://www.hornet-250.8k.com/
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Friday, June 06, 2008

I just realized, although I have not been writing on this blog for a while, that did not mean, that I have not been writing at all. Recently I wrote a research paper on hurdles that software industry is facing due to Moore’s law.

From the time the CPU industry shifted to Core based architecture to build CPUs, one question I have been trying to answer is “what does the future hold for the Desktop software world?”.

If you are a manager and if you didn’t realize the paradigm shift this muti-core based architecture has brought to the table or how much of a disruptive technology it is, then this paper is for you.

You will begin to see the multi-core in new light.

Here is the paper for you.
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Thursday, June 05, 2008

My Book Shelf

I know. I know. I have had lot of WTFs for not posting and posting some nonsense over past several months. Work, studies, and obviously the other commitments(:-)) has kept me away from my blog.

I am thinking of coming back to blogging.

First let me know tell you, that my Mac experience has been truly amazing. Not just the OS itself, but the breed of applications available for Mac share a class of their own. Let me try and explain why this is the case on a different blog post, but for now, let me introduce my bookshelf to you.

My Book Shelf

I have not be able to organize it properly yet, into different categories. Thats going to take sometime and probably I will get around doing that after my exams.

What made cataloging my books and then publishing them possible. Delicious Library
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Thursday, December 27, 2007


Once I get my MacBook I promised myself I will start blogging. So here I go.

I have been sucked into Dr. House drama series. I think whoever writing that fine piece of script, is producing an art form rather than just letters on a paper. Here are few quotes from the drama I picked up from official site at Fox, which i enjoyed the most.

"No, if you talk to God you're religious. If God talks to you, you're psychotic."
- House vs. God

Cameron – "Could pain medication cause an orgasm?"
House – "I wish."
- Distractions

Foreman: "I had a date last night. She screamed too. You think we should spend a hundred thousand dollars testing her?"
House: "Of course not. This isn't a veterinary hospital. Zing!"
- Lines in the Sand

Foreman:"You assaulted that man!"
House:"Fine. I'll never do it again."
Foreman:"Yes you will."
House:"All the more reason this debate is pointless."


"Like I always say, there's no ‘I' in team. There's a ‘me,' though, if you jumble it up."

Dr. House:"Mr. Adams, would you step outside for a moment?"
Adams :"Why?"
Dr. House:"Because you irritate me."
- Poison

"Treating illness is why we became doctors. Treating patients is actually what makes most doctors miserable."
- Pilot
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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

King of Speed

A fine piece of writeup about the fastest aircraft ever built(Link)
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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Best Moment Of the Day

Best moment of today was watching Steve Jobs Key Note and at about 9 mins and 32 sec, he played the song "All we are saying is give peace a chance" and said, "that's when NBC calls" meaning, that would be his ring tone when NBC calls. It was just funny and with audience I started laughing.

Call me crazy but I was up and watching at 3:30 AM in the morning.


NBC’s Pricing Demands on the iTunes Store

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Think on your Feet

Let me break my online silence. It's been almost 5 months since I made my last post.

Today I went for a workshop at Moratuwa Uni, "Think on your feet". All in all it was good and I am sure the undergrads would have found it very useful.

About the Gavel Club, Moratuwa Uni

I was impressed with the students who spoke on behalf of the Gavel Club, at various occasions, for welcome address, introducing the speakers, etc... Their language was excellent, choice of words were good, and they conducted and carried themselves really well. In one word "Impressive". Well organized, and mostly on schedule. For me that was the high light of the whole workshop. You guys rock. Keep up and you will be successful.

About the Guest Speakers

The first presentation was by Dhanajaya, and I must say he is one of the best public speaker I have seen in action, not just in Sri Lanka. He does have an international appeal. His message was "build your character" and public speaking is just a by product. Was it a useful? That is a big question mark. Not just for public speaking, but even to be a successful leader, you need to have a character and charisma. The question I wanted to get answered was How to build a character? The statement, build a character is a broad one, and I am not sure someone right out of the Uni would know how to interpret that statement and probably implement it in their life. It was a good message, great delivery, but not sure how much useful the message was for the participants.

The second speaker was Mr.Saleem, who spoke about Break Through Thinking. He introduced the concepts of break through thinking briefly, and I was thinking to myself, when I go home, I will get the book and read it. It did sound like a really interesting thing to invest my time in. However at the end, when he mentioned that the book is not an easy read, it's full of real hard concepts and he trained himself under the guru's of break through thinking for 5 years, the big question marks entered my mind. So it boils down to, that it is an interesting concept, and probably will take lot of time to master, and if it took someone at his caliber 5 years, probably for someone like me just by reading a book, probably it might even take more. So my conclusion was its going to take couple of years before I understand this concept fully.

However the purpose expansion technique he described, sounded a useful one. It does seem to help people to figure out the root cause of the problem, to figure out what is it that is actually being solved, rather than coming up with solutions which will rather treat the symptoms of the problem than the root cause. Probably that's one thing I took home from Mr.Saleem. In a different note, would Break Through Thinking be a useful concept for an undergrad who is about to get into the industry, specially if it takes such a long time to master? I don't think I have the answer for that. So will let you be the judge.

Lunch was good :-)

The third speaker was Dev, he handled a good topic, "How to be a good public speaker" or was it "How to be successful in life"?. I enjoyed the little game he introduced. The areas he wanted us to demonstrate in that game were,

1. Team Work
2. Creativity
3. Attitude

Now the game he introduced, gave all the audience to be a part of a team, and be creative and show some attitude. However after the game, do I know, how to work as team better? How to be more creative? What sort of attitude change I should make? The answer is probably not. The game was fun, and probably I did enjoy trying to come up with all sort of possible crazy crime scenes :-), and if the purpose of the game was to illustrate that you needed team work and creativity and attitude to win that game, then yes the game achieved it's purpose. However if the purpose of the game was to show that to be successful in life you need the above three, then I am not sure, how effective the game was.

However, Dev message was good one (if you subtract the game from his speech).
1. Have a Goal
2. Have commitment
3. Practice

But still I am not sure, whether the topic was about public speaking or how to be successful in life :-)

Dan Gomes, what can I say. He is a great speaker, and he speaks about the leadership topic with a passion and he is a practitioner. Let me just say he is superb. His message was superb.

Final Thought

All in all, it was good, and since it was the first attempt, it must be appreciated. I went through the yahoo groups of Gavel club, and it shows how the team has worked hard to over come all the difficulties. Few observations, Dilini seems to be a person who can motivate people and get things done. Here is an example.

Mail from the president to Gavel Club Members. Do I agree with her P.S note, absolutely yes :-)

A step-by-step guide to charisma
How to be Successful


Dev's topic was "Communicate with Confidence", not sure why team work was even evaluated as part of the game, and how relevant it was for the topic, probably in all sort of indirect ways I guess team work could be linked to confidence.

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Friday, March 02, 2007

Passionate employees ??

This was an interesting read for me.

How to identify people who are passionate about their jobs.
Don't ask employees to be passionate about the company!

I think the last 4 points are very important, and probably you can use in your interviews to filter people who are not passionate about their jobs.

The simple 4-question test to see if someone has a passion for their work:

* When was the last time you read a trade/professional journal or book related to your work? (can substitute "attended an industry conference or took a course")

* Name at least two of the key people in your field.

* If you had to, would you spend your own money to buy tools or other materials that would improve the quality of your work?

* If you did not do this for work, would you still do it (or something related to it) as a hobby?

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Where does company responsibility end?

Is it true that companies always strive to look at their interests primarily when it comes to devising policies, just to safeguard their interests? And incidentally the policies appear to be in favor of employees?

I think it might be true for all the other industries, however for software industry, when your main asset itself is the human skill, wouldn’t it become the company’s primary responsibility to protect that in the company’s best interest?

Here is an ethical question:

1. Company has a policy for providing claims for transport facilities for employees who work late for no extra pay.

2. In a particular day a company social event was organized after working hours, and the company refused to provide transport for some of the employees who required it (mostly female employees).

Note: most of these employees regularly work late.

What do you think about the above scenario? Please share your thoughts.

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Friday, February 02, 2007

Interesting reading on Friendship

Section 3:

There are three reasons for friendship, just as there are three reasons for liking something: usefulness, pleasure, or goodness. In friendship based on usefulness or pleasure, the person is not liked in himself but because of the good or pleasure he can provide. Such friendships are easily dissolved.

Section 4:

Perfect friendship exists between good men who are alike in their virtuousness. Wishing a friend good for his own sake is the highest degree of friendship. These friendships tend to be longlasting because virtue is something stable. Because both friends are good their friendship is both beneficial and pleasant as well, and thus they unite all the three reasons for friendship. Such friendships are rare because few people have the capability for this sort of friendship and they require time and familiarity to form.

Section 5:

Friendships based on pleasure can vary in their duration. With regard to lovers, the friendship often fades away after the prime of youth is gone since the sight of the beloved no longer brings pleasure. Yet if the lovers are alike in character the friendship may last much longer. Love-affairs based in what is useful are even less-enduring than those based on pleasure. Only the friendship of good men is not harmed by slander. True friendship is that between good men just because they are good; all other friendships are only called friendship by analogy.

[Read More]
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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Cool GPS Gadget for Digital Camera

Sony GPS-CS1 GPS, seems to be very cool gadget to have if you want the GPS locations for the pictures you take. Not sure whether it would work on a Nikon though.
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Power Cuts and IM Evolution

Power cuts at night have happened two nights in a row where I live. Today was worse since I think it started at mid night and went on till now, and that’s 3:30 AM, and during that time the mosquitoes go crazy and I hate that “neeeeeeeeee” sound in my ear and lost sleep.

Thanks to the USB ADSL modem, I was able to get connected to the net (without power), but came across no one online to keep company.

Strangely enough I also realized how my online IM habits have changed over time. There was a time I would be always on ICQ, and the moment the green flower turns red I would no longer feel like getting any work done on my machine, and if I am at office I could see everyone else too getting off their chairs to complain about ICQ not online.

Then it was MSN primarily, however the crazy days of searching for people online and talking to unknown people were gone. Now recently I see myself not getting online on MSN or Yahoo. I am on Skype though, but that’s because our office primary communication happens over Skype.

There is also another common pattern. Through out my IM history there was one person at any given time, who was going through some hardship, and I would be there talking to them, and keeping company, hoping it would help in some ways to reduce their burden. Four of these changed to really close friends, but over time when they manage to stand up on their own two feet and get back into the world again, due to one reason or another, lost touch with three. One of my friend calls it “new dynamics”.

Ok there goes, in a nutshell my IM, evolution.

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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Noble Collection

They have some cool stuff online.

Superman Returns™ Money Clip

The DaVinci Code™ Invisible Writer - I think you have to buy two or more of this so that you can communicate with someone else.

The DaVinci Code™ Cryptex Keychain

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Pics from Vegas

Check out, leave comments and help me improve my photography skills :-)

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Monday, November 13, 2006

Disneyland - LA Trip

We went on a trip to Disneyland, LA. It was rather disapointing, since there were not many adventure items as I would have hoped, but it turned out to be good location to try out few things with my new Camera. [Link to Picasa Album]

Go ahead and add your comments to the pics.

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Happy and Sad

At last, I have got my D80 and Nikon 18-55mm Lens. I have waited for so long to get one of these (because I couldn't afford one when I wanted it), and finally I have it now, 18-55 is not the lens I wanted though, but something I can start shooting with. Now that makes me really happy person. However there are costs involved :-) This time around my savings are not so great. But then again I can't have the cake and eat it. Still I have loads to figure out with my camera and that's going to keep me busy this weekend. The gang here is planning to go to Los Angeles this weekend, so I hope I will return with some good pictures.

Like my camera, I waited so long to buy an iPod and finally I bought a Nano, with the best cover available ($100) and one of the best earphones for that (super.fi). Just couple of days ago I had lost and found my iPod again (thanks to someone working in the same office complex who found the iPod and returned). However I think a car had run over the iPod. The expensive earphones($99) are crushed and not usable, the leather cover is scratched and lost its beauty, the iPod is slightly bent, but the good news is, it is still working. That totally sucks, you wait for something so long and you finally save enough money to buy it and then in few days all the beauty is gone.

I am not very happy with how my life is going at the moment either. With friends I am not doing good. Miss my friends in Sri Lanka, things have gone wrong with few others, going to miss another friend's wedding.

There are more stuff going on, and I typed all of them here too. But on second thought, may be that's not for rest of the world to know :-) It boils down to, only few friends will stand by me when I really really need a friend, even if they have to over come challenges.

How many of you have built up great friendships?

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Vital Friends

I was reading Vital Friends and probably it was the right time that I read that book. One of the section talks about how different friends bring different strengths to our life. It has a great story about how a married woman had a trust worthy, funny, caring husband but still she felt they are heading for a divorce.The reason being, she relied on her best friend and parents for push her and challenge her in life and push her to succeed, and since getting married she had less connection with them, and she needed and expected that to come from her husband. However even though her husband is supportive, he didn't bring that particular strength to their relationship. And the more she was expecting that from him, she became frustrated, since even though he was a great person, caring, humor full, and had the same frequency as her, he just was not the right person to push people and challenge them. Then at work one of her coworker and friend encouraged, pushed and challenged her, and she started spending more time with her best friend and parents. That solved all her problems, and she realized what a great husband she had. The motto of the story, different friends bring different strength to relationships.

So does it make sense to expect adventure out of a friends, who clearly say they are not adventurous. No. I guess for me when it comes to doing stuff together with friend's that kind of takes priority over most of the things. I have got so much used to it. Mid night 12 O'Clock after work I could call someone and they will be there to go and have dinner. Gotten used even planning my days around meeting my friends up. Weekends, I would keep my evenings free in case there is a possibility that we could meet up and do stuff together. I remember feeling so ill once and still went with bunch of my friends when they went for white water rafting, and what did I do, booked a room in the near by hotel and slept :-). Once two of my friends went to Kandy for a two day trip, I couldn't make it for the two day trip, but still I went with them, and by the time we reached there and had lunch it was 4 PM, got in the train and came back while they stayed over. It was hectic, but still it meant I could spend time with my friends at least traveling.

However different people have different priorities in life. There can be mismatch when it comes to whats the priority we have for our friends, and the priority friends have for us. So without going on and on, I guess we must not concentrate on what friends don't bring to the relationship, and focus and try and figure out what do they bring to the friendship.

With one of my friend, for sometime now there has been this talks about how we have not done stuff together for various reasons. One thing I have to realize is priorities are different for people and within their priorities they do their best to make things work and I should be great full for that and I am.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Fleet week In Sanfransisco

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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Super.fi 3 Ear Phones

I got myself a Super.fi 3 in-ear phone (review). I have not used any high end ear phones before, so I can't compare this against anything else high end. However I already own a Sony in-ear phone and the ear phones which comes with Apple iPod. Compared to those two Suprt.fi 3 is definite winner. It sounds great. I can listen to some ranges I have not exprerienced before. Music is clear and it does justise for the iPod. The cord which comes with the ear phone is bit short as mentioned in the CNET review though. The trick is get the right fit and you have to experiment with different silicon tips and once you secure a perfact fit, then music sounds is great. However as noted in some reviews the base is not all that great though, however I should listen to some base centric music before I come to my own conclusion on that.

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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Weekend Trip to Sanfransisco

Me and my colleagues here went to Sanfransisco this evening. Buddika had a Canon DSLR, with the telephoto lens. These are all pictures he captured, except for the one where I can shot him.

This a US submarine that was used in World War II, commissioned in 1943 and decommissioned in 1945.

This is my first try with a DSLR (my friend's camera though) to take a shallow depth of field picture, where I could blur the entire background and keep the subject in focus. He had a telephoto lens 70-200 mm lens which made my life easy.

This is a wedding where the couple had come to the beach for a picture. My friend took a shot too. What makes this picture interesting to me is the facial expression of one of the bridesmaid.

For my biker friends, here comes the Harleys.

Horse rides in Sanfransisco seems to be one popular mode of site seeing.

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